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NOTE:No penguins were harmed in the making of this site. The penguin is an actor.

- Answer Here

- Yeah i suck....

03-06-06 I really suck at updating this website. I'm sorry to the people who come here looking for new stuff cause there wont be new stuff anytime soon....yeah. So i have alot of unfinnished thins on my broken compy so maybe it'll get fixed someday and new stuff will come out. I hope there is new stuff for in 2006.

Love ya guys

- I knew penguins would fly
09-07-05 Watch the penguin fly in this new short. I still have a new site and 2 huge episodes in the works.

- Sorry about the site being down
8-22-05 I must apologise for the site being down for a couple of weeks. It was due to my forgetting my login name to pay for my website and letting it expire. If that wouldn't have happened i probably would have the new site done and 2 new episodes out. Keep hanging in there kids new stuff Will be out.

- I might still be working on stuff..
05-18-05 Hey all i might still be working on stuff for this website, I might be planning on making an episode about chestnut grove middle school(if someone would e-mail me at and give me some names of students and stuff), i might have 2 episodes in the works and i possibly might just maybe may have someone to help me with my site.... but these are maybes (hint hint wink wink)

- I hate computers....yup

10-27-04 Just got my computer back(now i gotta finnish fixing it)...I've been dying to make a new movie. I hope the next one will be a great one. Sorry again for the lack of updates.

- ........Yeah

08-29-04 Computer is down, not much more be said. Once it gets back maybe ill start working on a HTKAP computer game.....maybe.

- New Episode up, yeah!

07-15-04 Yeah so this is the first episode with the new guy, The Dr. Hope you all like it. My next project will be to add sound to more of the movies then hopefully have a character page up too. Peace out and remember, Respect Da Penguin!

- 2109 People

06-19-04 Im Really sorry I haven’t updated the site in 3 months. Now that its summer im gonna try and start up by making a new movie starring the newest member to the HTKAP line up, the Dr. himself. Yeah so hopefully ill have the version of my program I use to make my movies by then, if so everything will be smother, faster, better, cooler and stuff. Space.

- 1000! people
03-22-04  1000 homepage hits today!!!! Yeah!!! tell all your friends about the site, or you will be cursed by the evil Llama. Just kidding. Thanks for you support and stuff.

- Happy St. Patricks Day

03-16-04 Leprechauns and Penguins.....They dont go togeather, maybe some day. When the Llama is gone(never). Till next time. 

- Food is good and bad.

02-21-04 New episode up, I haven’t forgot about the site. Next episode should be St Patrick’s Day, with little Leprechauns....

- I'm still kicking

01-28-03 Hi guys and gals, my new e-mail is you can have an e-mail at this site like me for Free, if you want. Theres a new store with HTKAP stuff check it out. Acid burns 2,Teleportation and slicing all have sound too so go check them out too. And I have a new downloads page were you can download stuff.

- Happy Christmas

12-25-03 its been awhile since a new movie has been up. But here's your christmas present that you dont open, The How to kil a Penguin christmas Special. YAY!!!......and acid burns has sound now, i should have the sound for christmas working soon. And ill be adding sound to all the movies soon.

- Im still here

11-13-03 I'm still alive but my computer wasn't for a while. I should have a new episode up soon and a Christmas special in time for the holidays. Um...oh yeah. Tomorrow is the one year and one month anniversary of my site cause i forgot it last month, yay!! And a shout out to my big sis and editor. La La.

- I'm not dead

08-12-03 No the penguin didn't get mad at me and kill me, my computer got killed. So when its out of the shop i'll try and have a new movie up. I think it will be poisonous mushrooms, as a fan said would be a good movie.

- E-mailzez

09-27-03 Free how to kill a penguin E-mail for me and you and it saves the penguins too.......I think. I know your gonna be like, "What the heck. I dont believe!". Check it out though.

- E-mails for the people

07-09-03 YAAAAAY!! How to kill a is up and alive(so to speak). Right now im trying to have a free E-Mail service at this site. Give it a while though.

- Penguin Street Team

06-21-03 Join the how to kill a penguin street team now. Members get a penguin photo, atographed by me and the penguin and a penguin key chain. All you gotta do is e-mail me to get the details. And dont forget the new movie.

- Back on!

05-18-03 Yo, question. Is teleportation a word because the dictionary doesn't think so? E-mail me about your opinion.

- Help!

05-11-03 My computer is down right now so i can't put anything new up for awhile. La La for the computer.

- wow that took awhile

05-08-03 Wow I'm done with the longest episode yet. E-Mail me about your favorite episode.

- Over 100 people!

05-01-03 I have an email address now. Email me if you have any comments or questions.

- More of America's Favorite Penguin

04-09-03 I have a new tip up plus i've added some more stuff. I hope to have an e-mail or a forum up so you fans can send me your thoughts.


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